Goji berry loaf @imserenalee

Goji berry loaf @imserenalee


- 200g Pumpkin Seeds

- 100g Shelled Hemp Seeds

- 50g Golden Flax Seeds

- 60g Goji Berries

- 20g Green Olives

- 20g Fresh Parsley 

- 20g Fresh Basil 

- 1 Red Onion

- 1 Celery

- 2 Red Peppers 


Grind the pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds and flax seeds to a rough flour. Pour this into a large mixing bowl. 

Soak the goji berries in water for at two minutes, then drain. Skin the onion and de-seed and stalk the peppers. Add these to a high speed blender or food processor. Add the olives, goji berries, celery and herbs. Blend this mixture until it resembles the consistency of a salsa.

Pour this into the mixing bowl and mix all ingredients to form a soft dough.

Turn this onto a lined dehydrator sheet and form a loaf shape. Dehydrate at 46°C for 24 hours or until it's set in the middle.

You can also form a few little patties before making the loaf as they make great snacks while you're waiting for the big one to be ready!


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