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Bricknic Do It Yourself Community Cookbook - 22 tasty recipes

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Welcome to our first Bricknic Do It Yourself Community Cookbook available as an ebook download! Inside this ebook, you will find a compilation of 22 delicious recipes by our amazing Bricknic Community! Each recipe has been tried, tested, and enjoyed by Bricknic’ers around the world. 

We have worked hard the past few months editing the recipes and making the ebook as beautiful as the recipes themselves! All of the images except for the photos(of course) have been hand-drawn by one of the Bricknic founders Leif Czakai! They have been added to this ebook as decoration and to hopefully trigger even more food inspiration and creativity. 

It comes in a printable PDF format with instructions on how to print it on a standard A4 printer at home. You can truly make it yourself at home. Simply follow the building instructions on page one. Print it, cut the pages, add some cardboard in the front and back, punch some holes, add some rings to keep everything together. And you will notice that it will fit perfectly inside the Bricks for extra convenient storage :) 

The recipes are written in english, but we are sure that they are understandable for everyone. 

We believe you will love it  as much as we do! 

  • The Bricknic Do It Yourself Cookbook includes 22 recipes that you can cook in the Bricks on the BBQ, oven, and open fire. 
  • Though the recipes differ in complexity they all follow the simple Bricknic Build and Eat mentality.
  • Simply prep your food, fill your Brick, close the Brick, cook the Brick and enjoy!
  • Follow the instructions to build your very own Bricknic Cookbook at home. 
  • We hope you enjoy the recipes and that you are inspired to cook and share with others. 
  • If you would like your recipe to be included in the ebook you can send us some images, the recipe, and a little story about yourself via email to