Bricknic Story

At Bricknic we support diverse communities while caring for personal taste. Our aim is to bring people together by creating products and events for collective joy and delicious food.
We strive for a world where people can build upon each other. A world where our collective nature, responsibilities, and abilities are aligned.

“It is time to remake society together, not as individual players but as the team we are.” *Douglas Rushkoff

Inspired by the age-old process of clay pot cooking across the globe, our healthy and collaborative way of cooking celebrates community spirit, and puts social bonds back on the menu.
To ensure that our products are made to the highest standards we partnered with an industry leader, with decades of experience: The Original Römertopf Company based in Germany.
The Bricknic Cooking Brick and the Bricknic BBQ Planet are made from natural clay and can be used on your BBQ, in your fireplace, and in your kitchen oven. The natural clay allows nutrients, vitamins, and flavours to be preserved during the cooking process. When using a Bricknic product at your dinner party alongside friends and family- it's guaranteed that you’ll create unforgettable experiences.

It is effortless - Simply grill, steam, or boil your favourite ingredients.

It is nourishing - Gentle cooking due to the use of natural clay.

It is yummy - Endless recipe combinations are possible.

It is sustainable - Locally made in Germany from 100% natural clay.

It is modular - Combine our products to build your own cooking place.