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Bricknic Fire Base

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Lay the foundation for a perfect evening with the Bricknic Fire Base. A stable base on which to stack your collection of Cooking Bricks, be it big or small. Designed as a fire pit whose purpose and dimensions are customized for cooking bricks, the Fire Base can be constructed when you wish to have a bricknic or kept around all season as a fire pit. For big gatherings, stack your bricks along the top perimeter to create a chimney. Or, when having an intimate dinner, the top grate is great for just a couple bricks. One brick, two bricks, ten bricks! No problem! 

The Bricknic Fire Base can swap between two configurations. Either install the cross pieces to stabilize your brick tower, or opt to use the included grill sheet to cook directly on the plancha/grill. Don’t be afraid to cook with a brick or two this way as well. Feel free to share your ingenious setups with us and the Bricknic community via our Instagram: @bricknic_

The Bricknic Fire Base features a removable base plate to remove ashes effectively. Shipped as a flat package and assembled with ease, no tools required. Handily, this means the base can also be stored as a thin stack. This product is proudly designed and manufactured in The Netherlands. 


-> Stainless Steel


- 27cm x 37cm x 37cm