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Bricknic Sidekick Sauce

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Introducing our irresistible sidekick to your Bricknic: the hot and fruity sauce. It's the perfect companion for any meal, but be warned, she brings a little heat. With her enticing blackberry and black currant flavors, she'll captivate your taste buds before delivering a satisfying habanero kick. Don't worry though, it's just enough to keep you coming back for more.

This versatile sauce pairs well with everything. The sweet, spicy, and tangy blend, infused with lime, creates a truly distinctive hot sauce that will elevate your culinary creations.

Crafted with care, our Bricknic Sidekick Sauce is produced in small batches in Germany using 100% natural ingredients. Say goodbye to preservatives, additives, and regrets. Embrace the guilt-free pleasure of indulging in a high-quality artisanal product.

Add our Bricknic Sidekick Sauce to your collection and elevate your meals with a touch of sweet and spicy perfection.


-> Blackcurrants
-> Onion
-> Paprika
-> Blackberries
-> Brandy Vinegar
-> Tomato
-> Lime Juice
-> Sugar
-> Water
-> Garlic
-> Habanero Chili

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information per 100ml

-> Energy 296kJ / 70kcal
-> Fat 0g
-> of which saturated fats 0g
-> Carbohydrates 15.3g
-> of which sugar 11g
-> Protein 1.2g
-> Salt 0.00g


-> shipping only available within EU countries

Additional Information

-> Store in a cool dry place.
-> Shake well before use
-> Refrigerate after opening
-> May contain traces of seeds
-> Produced in Germany
-> Developed in the Netherlands

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