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Bricknic Fire Base

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Lay the foundation for a perfect evening with the Bricknic Fire Base. A stable base on which to stack your collection of Cooking Bricks, be it big or small. Designed as a fire pit whose purpose and dimensions are customized for cooking bricks, the Fire Base can be constructed when you wish to have a bricknic or kept around all season as a fire pit. For big gatherings, stack your bricks along the top perimeter to create a chimney. Or, when having an intimate dinner, the top grate is great for just a couple bricks. One brick, two bricks, ten bricks! No problem! 

The Bricknic Fire Base features a removable base plate to remove ashes effectively. Shipped as a flat package and assembled with ease, no tools required. Handily, this means the base can also be stored as a thin stack. This product is proudly designed and manufactured in The Netherlands. 


-> Stainless Steel


- 27cm x 37cm x 37cm